Labour day: Brussels must work for everyone, ‘including undocumented workers'

Labour day: Brussels must work for everyone, ‘including undocumented workers'
Els Rochette (

As Belgium prepares to celebrate Labour Day over the coming weekend, the party says undocumented workers shouldn’t be forgotten or left out of discussions when it comes to workers’ rights and protections.

“We know that there are 10,000 people living and also working in Brussels without papers,” said Els Rochette ( in a statement.

“In many cases, they face exploitation and poor working conditions. They are not protected when something goes wrong. They have no social security. We want to give that dimension of Brussels and those workers a voice on this Labour Day.”

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A gathering will be held in Molenbeek on 1 May, followed by a procession to Rue du Marché aux Porcs in the city centre where speeches and performances will take place.

Alderman Jef Van Damme (Vooruit), Els Rochette and Brussels State Secretary for Urban Planning and Heritage Pascal Smet will speak. There will also be testimonies from undocumented workers who are employed in Brussels.

Speeches will begin at 12:15 at the Randstad Service Centre at 45 Rue du Jardinier in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

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