Unemployment decreases in Brussels

Unemployment decreases in Brussels
Credit: Belga

The unemployment rate in the Brussels Region is currently at 14.5% (14% for men and 15.2% for women) according to newly released data by Actiris. A year ago, it was 15.4%.

The Brussels Region now has 83,523 active job seekers (compared to 87,649 a year ago).

The decline is stronger among young people (-7.5%), with 7,751 now looking for work.

Nearly half of the unemployed have been in this situation for at least two years.

Sixty-two percent have at most a secondary education diploma or do not have a diploma that is recognised in Belgium.

Actiris received 6,653 job offers in May. The Brussels employment office notes a significant 49.7% increase in the number of offers compared to May 2021. It is double the job offers received in May 2020.

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