Night trains will take Paradise City festival-goers home

Night trains will take Paradise City festival-goers home
Credit: Paradise City Festival/Facebook

Those attending the Paradise City festival in the municipality of Perk, just outside of the Brussels-Capital Region on 1, 2 and 3 July will be able to take a night train home after the festival has ended.

The trains leave at Vilvoorde station after festival hours and go to Brussels, Ghent, Mechelen or Antwerp. Return tickets cost €15 and should be reserved in advance, organisers announced in a press release.

The night train is the latest addition to the festival's green mobility plan that aims to discourage festival-goers from returning home by car after a day of partying, as it is often one of the only reliable options at night.

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To bring revellers from the festival at the Castle of Ribaucourt in Perk to the Vilvoorde train station, free shuttle buses will drive between the festival area and the train station. The organisation estimates that around 3,300 people will use the service.

The organisation is also encouraging people who live in the area to cycle to the festival. "Not only is the bicycle parking located right next to the festival entrance, it is also well guarded and adequately lit after sunset."

Lowering the festival's carbon footprint

Paradise City markets itself as one of the greenest festivals in the world and was awarded four stars by A Greener Festival, a non-profit organisation that helps events reduce their impact on the environment.

By expanding and encouraging the provision of public transport, Paradise City aims to reduce the number of visitors travelling by car from 59% to 40%, reducing the festival's carbon footprint by 10%.

More info about the festival, as well as the line-up and tickets, can be found here.

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