'Disturbing discovery': Baby found in pile of cocaine during Brussels drug raid

'Disturbing discovery': Baby found in pile of cocaine during Brussels drug raid
Credit: Brussels capital/Ixelles police zone

During a house raid by police in Brussels as part of a drug investigation, a baby of barely four months old was discovered lying in a pile of cocaine in one of the raided bedrooms.

Aside from finding 4,650 kilograms of cocaine spread across the floor of the bedroom and in a toolbox, the police discovered three Kinder Surprise Eggs filled with cocaine, precision scales and packaging material.

"The local criminal investigation department of the Brussels Capital/Ixelles police zone made a disturbing discovery on Tuesday, 21 June, during a house search. In a pile of drugs, we found a baby was growing up in that environment," a statement read.

The suspect was placed at the disposal of the examining magistrate, who put him under suspicion and placed him under arrest for offences of possession and sale of narcotics in the context of a larger gang.

An official report was also drawn up for a minor in danger at the request of the public prosecutor's office.

In the living room, the police discovered another €16,295 in cash, and seized two vehicles, a television set and some luxury timepieces. Aside from the young baby, the suspect's mother-in-law and wife were present in the house. The latter was also arrested but was released after questioning.

Traffic violation leading to drug bust

The discovery by the police was more coincidental than planned, as it was a traffic violation on the Avenue Stiénon near the Atomium that prompted the intervention of local detectives.

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One vehicle had been wrongly parked twice in a row, and upon checking the car's number plate, the police discovered that the vehicle and especially the driver were part of an investigation into the sale of cocaine, and that he had been staying in Belgium illegally for some time.

The man was arrested and taken in for questioning, and his mobile phone was analysed for information regarding the investigation, which led to the house search.

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