Brussels to get its first gender clinic in 2023

Brussels to get its first gender clinic in 2023

Brugmann University Hospital in Brussels plans to open the first ever gender clinic in the Belgian capital, “Le Spécialiste” reported on Thursday, based on information from the hospital’s general director, Caroline Franckx.

Belgium currently has three such clinics, one each in Ghent and Liège, both of them contracted, and an uncontracted one in Genk, and demand is high, according to CHU Brugmann.

The project is “being finalised”, and should be completed by the second quarter of 2023, according to ‘Le Spécialiste’.

The aim is to offer “multidisciplinary follow-up (psychiatry, endocrinology, surgery, etc.), with the novelty of “a first consultation in tandem with an endocrinologist and a psychiatrist,” Franckx said.

“Associations and actors in the field have drawn our attention to the fact that too often the first consultation is only done at the psychiatric level,” she added.

The CHU Brugmann’s gender clinic will initially be an uncontracted one.

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