Chaos and traffic jams due to new Brussels traffic plan

Chaos and traffic jams due to new Brussels traffic plan
Brussels during Car Free Sunday. Credit: Belga

The changes to the Good Move circulation plan in the City of Brussels, which took effect on Tuesday, have caused many traffic jams in the small ring road, as people have to get used to the new traffic situation.

Despite the fact that no large adaptations of the traffic plan have been made in the first few days, and work on creating ground markings and signalisation is still ongoing, the implementation of the circulation plan has resulted in a lot of congestion and traffic jams in the "Vijfhoek" (Pentagon).

“We are now seeing problem areas where a lot of traffic suddenly comes together, but that is not surprising. We react by moving our stewards according to the realities on the ground," Brussels city councillor Bart Dhondt for Mobility told Le Soir, adding that these problems are normal and expected in a period of adaptation.

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Additionally, more work is still being carried out, which means that everything will become clearer in time, Dhondt said. "Changing too quickly is dangerous, which is why we are patient. It is a big change that needs time."

Once it is in place properly, the Brussels authorities will take several months to evaluate the new system.

The aim of the new circulation plan is to use one-way streets and traffic filters to keep out unnecessary transit traffic (which accounts for 42% of today's vehicles), with the ambition of creating a more livable environment in the heart of the region, without isolating the various neighbourhoods, including Sablon, the Royal quarter and the Marolles, among others.

Accessing the inner city by car remains possible but motorists whose final destination is outside the Pentagon will be guided to the small inner ring road.

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