Brussels- Lawsuit filed by the CCOJB against Louis Laurent postponed

Brussels- Lawsuit filed by the CCOJB against Louis Laurent postponed

On Wednesday, the lawsuit brought  before the Brussels Criminal Court and  filed by CCOJB (Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations of Belgium) against former MP Laurent Louis was postponed. The case was not brought before the court and will therefore be rescheduled.

The CCOJB filed the lawsuit against Laurent Louis for a comment made on his blog in June that was deemed revisionist and anti-Semitic. The case was mistakenly scheduled to be heard by the 45th chamber of the Brussels criminal court and has now been rescheduled to be heard by the 61st chamber, the chamber that has jurisdiction over racist and anti-Semitic crimes.

The CCOJB, represented by Véronique Laurent, summoned Louis Laurent directly to appear before the Brussels criminal court, without filing a prior complaint with prosecutors against writings of revisionist and anti-Semitic nature.

On June 9th,  Louis Laurent wrote on his blog,: "Jean-Marie Le Pen stated that the gas chambers  were only a small detail in the history of World War II  and this may be shocking but after thinking it over, could it be true ? (.....)."

The LBCA (Belgian League against Anti-Semitism) is also suing for damages

Louis Laurent appeared in court on Wednesday, along with a dozen supporters. Security had to be increased at the courthouse in Brussels due to Laurent Louis’ presence.

(Source: Belga)

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