Abdelah Mostefa intercepted in Brussels after returning from Oran months ago

Abdelah Mostefa intercepted in Brussels after returning from Oran months ago

Abdelah Mostefa, sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the death of a baker in Jamioulx, was intercepted in Brussels by Special Forces on Friday at around 00h00. He came back to Belgium one and a half months ago, after being in hiding in Oran (Algeria). He is currently under arrest warrant for taking hostages during his prison escape. This Friday, investigating judge, Martine Michel, put Abdelah Mostefa, 25, under arrest for hostages-taking, conspiracy and robbery.

Sentenced to 30 years by the Hainaut ‘assises’ court for the death of Pascal Hennuy, a baker from Jamioulx, Abdelah Mostefa managed to escape Jamioulx prison on July 31, 2011, accompanied by two other prisoners, Julien Cazzetta and Jonathan Inja. The latter were caught shortly after their escape but Abdelah Mostefa evaded capture.

According to his lawyer, Michaël Donatangelo, Abdelah Mostefa was hiding out in Oran, Algeria, his birth country. Interpol tracked him down but weren't able to apprehend him. One and a half months later, Abdelah Mostefa chose to return to Belgium for reasons that have not been specified. “He was unsure he should return”, said Michaël Donatangelo, who also added that on several occasions, Abdelah Mostefa had managed to evade the special units trying to track him down since his return.

Spotted in the Charleroi area, Abdelah Mostefa was finally intercepted on his way to Brussels this Friday around 00h00.

Investigating judge Martine Michel is now questioning another person suspected of helping Abdelah Mostefa remain hidden.

(Source: Belga)

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