Car on fire in Brussels Belliard tunnel, traffic disrupted

Car on fire in Brussels Belliard tunnel, traffic disrupted
Credit: The Brussels Times

During the evening rush on Tuesday at around 18:00, the Belliard tunnel in Brussels has been closed by the fire services due to a car that is on fire, causing heavy smoke to come out of the tunnel.

The car caught fire in the Belliard tunnel in the direction of the E40 motorway, resulting in the Belliard tunnel, as well as the Cinquantenaire, Loi and Reyers-Centre tunnels all being closed to traffic, according to Brussels Mobility.

The car, reportedly a Volkwagen Caddy, accidentally caught fire, Brussels fire brigade spokesperson Walter Derieuw told the press. "The Belliard tunnel is closed due to the fire. The other three tunnels also had to be closed to allow the circulation of the fire services and the police."

"The vehicle was in the Belliard tunnel underneath the Place de Jemblinne in Meux," he added. "The exact cause of the fire has yet to be determined. There were no injuries."

In the meantime, the fire in the tunnel has been extinguished and the ventilation of the tunnel is in progress. The fire services are currently checking for carbon monoxide (CO).

Significant disruptions to the evening traffic are expected.

This story is developing.

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