Brussels businesses put up lights, in the image of their area

Brussels businesses put up lights, in the image of their area

Brussels Town councilor Marion Lemesre launched the second “Businesses in lights” on Tuesday at 6pm. This was under a wish tree placed on the Place Agora. The decorations will remain lit until the 12th of January. On the Place Agora, on one of the lit up trees, an interactive installation allows you to send wishes into the sky. This is in the form of lights that run through the branches. The local colours are accentuated by the lights. 530 meters of the rue Antoine Dansaert is covered by 300 light circles, designed by the artist Géraud Périole. The rue Marché aux Herbes is adorned with snowdrop chandeliers. The Saint-Joseph quarter has frozen forests. The rue Neuve is lit up by 2,5 meter rosette stars. The number of roads has gone from 10 last year to 20.

The old lights of the main boulevards have been replaced, for example with suspensions of white diamonds. The electricity cables for small and main roads were brought up to standard, at a cost of 97,000 euros.

“I wanted to bring the lights to all the business roads and attract the barges heading to the Christmas Market”, explains Marion Memesre. “There is also a desire to reinvigorate the business roads which have areas in difficulty by getting the lights there”. The decorations in the Antoine Dansaert were taken right up to the canal.

The decorations use LED lights, which brings the electricity consumption down by 90% compared to previous years. The new meters with timers allow people to select the best hours for use.

(Source: Belga)

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