'Good Move' traffic plan comes into effect in Schaerbeek next week

'Good Move' traffic plan comes into effect in Schaerbeek next week
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Next week, the final phase of the new 'Good Move' traffic circulation plan will come into effect in the Cage-aux-Ours district in the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek, with one-way streets, filters for public transport and improved public spaces.

The last stages of the plan follow those already carried out in the Azalées and Royale Sainte-Marie districts near the Josaphat park, aiming to redirect motorists from dense neighbourhoods towards the main roads.

"The Good Move regional mobility plan must be implemented in the municipalities," said Schaerbeek mayor Cécile Jodogne in a press release. "Our objective is to improve the quality of life in our neighbourhoods. To do this, we have to make choices. Our choice is to protect the people of Schaerbeek. All others are welcome. Favouring, not punishing, rejecting dogmatic measures is what we want."

Schaerbeek city councillor for mobility Adelheid Byttebier stated that the municipality wants to create quiet neighbourhoods "where it is good to live and where children can play in peace. Studies show that 45% of the traffic that passes through our neighbourhoods is transit traffic. We want to reduce this and improve air quality."

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The biggest changes will be implemented on Place Stephenson, Rue Stephenson (which will become a one-way street with ochre-coloured bicycle lanes), Place du Pavillon, and Rue Vanderlinden. Additionally, drivers who want to access the northern district or the Brussels city centre from Boulevard Lambermont are asked to drive along the canal.

From next week, teams from the Police Zone North will also be in place to guide traffic through the new traffic plan.

In the past month, the Schaerbeek authorities have tried their best to inform the residents of the changes that will be implemented through participatory meetings, newspaper articles, posts on social media, information panels on the ground, distribution of a document in people's mailboxes and signposting in the neighbourhood well in advance.

The measures implemented in the Cage-aux-Ours district will be evaluated by the municipality in 2023, assured city councillor for Public Work Vincent Vanhalewyn. "We will, more than ever, be attentive to any improvements brought forward by the residents."

More information about the exact changes to the circulation plan can be found here.

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