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    100,000 people took part in the New Year festivities in Brussels


    The changeover to the New Year Wednesday night brought 100,000 people to Brussels, who assembled on the Anspach Boulevard to see the fireworks, launched from the Place De Brouckère. At around 1.30am, Brussels Major Events had not recorded any major incidents. Around 10.30pm, the crowd arrived at the Place De Brouckère in the center of the capital. There, they enjoyed the entertainment and watched the fireworks, which, for the first time, were not fired from the Mont des Arts.

    At midnight, 10,000 fireworks were launched over 15 minutes and 33 seconds from the Hotel Continental, on the Place De Brouckère.

    “The atmosphere was great, there were lots of families and young people. All the festivities panned out as we’d hoped”, said Marina Bresciani from Brussel Major Events.

    According to Carl Theunis, the spokesman for Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur, around 100,000 people went to the event. It’s a similar number of people to last year.

    “Brussels is very happy with the popularity of the events organized for the New Year on the Place De Brouckère and at the Stock Exchange, in the town center”, said city authorities in a press release. “With this event, a tradition is starting in the capital of Europe. This coincides with a growing desire to renovate certain public spaces to accommodate large events”. 

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)