West Brussels keeps up its Bob campaign, 288 vehicles stopped on Sunday

West Brussels keeps up its Bob campaign, 288 vehicles stopped on Sunday

Police in West Brussels continued the Bob campaign on Sunday morning, from 1am to 10am. They were present in two places on the avenue Baeck in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, in the forecourt of the Koekelberg Basilica, the avenue du Laerbeek in Jette and the avenue Reine Fabiola in Ganshoren, said the spokesman for the Johan Berckmans zone. Out of the 288 vehicles stopped, 277 were not breaking any laws. Three people were found to be under the influence of drugs while driving and had their licenses taken away. Three more had no insurance or breakdown cover, and eleven were drink-driving. Two had their licenses taken away and two others were foreigners.

“We doubled up so that colleagues can insure the protection of those doing the stop-checks”, explains Johan Berckmans. “We decided to keep normal procedures at maximum in our zone by continuing the road safety actions. To be extra careful, we did stop-checks in five areas rather than two”.

Recently, the General Commissioner expressed his desire to abandon the stationary Bob stop-checks and substitute them with moving stop-checks. This is where agents change position every quarter or half an hour. This was put in place after the terrorist threat level in Belgium was raised from two to three (out of four).

(Source: Belga)

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