Over 1.5 million euros seized by Brussels criminal police

Over 1.5 million euros seized by Brussels criminal police

During an operation against money laundering, the Brussels judicial police (PJB) has seized over 1.5 million euros from a South American gang which used couriers to carry dirty money.

The gang was active in several European countries, with various branches in Asia. 3 suspects were charged. The coordinator of the dirty money couriers was identified after a 9-month-long investigation launched in Brussels. Last June 30th, the investigating judge in Brussels decided to dismantle the network.

One of the couriers was caught in the act at Gare du Midi, with the cooperation of railway police forces. The individual was carrying a case with a false bottom where 300,000 euros were found.

A few weeks earlier, 300,000 and 400,000 euros traced back to the same criminal gang were seized in 2 other European cities.

Simultaneous searches also enabled police to lay their hands on 550,000 euros and 2 luxury vehicles which were used to move dirty money around.

(Source: Belga)  

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