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Several Brussels metro stations closed this weekend

In order to install a railway point between Arts-Loi and Maelbeek metro stations, metro lines 1 and 5 will be momentarily closed in Brussels on Saturday night, November 14th. Line 1 will be closed between Gare Centrale and Montgomery and line 5 between Gare Centrale and Merode, pointed out Stib (Brussels public transport company) on its website on Tuesday.

M-buses will run every 5 minute between Gare Centrale and Montgomery stations. When heading towards Montgomery, they will stop at Parc Léopold for Maelbeek station, as well as at Froissart, for access to Airport Line. The connections between lines 2 and 6 on the one hand, and lines 1 and 5 on the other, between Gare Centrale and Gare de l’Ouest/Erasme should take place at Beekkant station.

Buses 36 and 79 will carry on until Arts-Loi during the work only, in order to make travelling to the city centre easier. Buses 64 to Machelen will be diverted to bus 27 Parc Léopold stop to facilitate access to M-buses towards Montgomery.

(Source: Belga)