Large police operation at the motorway services near Bierges

Large police operation at the motorway services near Bierges

There was a large law enforcement operation at motorway services on Saturday afternoon. It happened at the motorway services at Bierges, in Wavre (Walloon Brabant), local police said. This confirms information that appeared on the Libre Belgique website. It was a false alarm, despite the terrorist threat hanging over the country.

At around 2pm on Saturday, Wavre police were alerted to the presence of “three old ambulances, which were transporting bearded men” at the Bierges services. This raised suspicions. The services are on the E411, heading towards Brussels from Namur.

Two Wavre police patrols, a traffic police team and inspectors from Wavre police’s judicial service were soon at the scene, heavily armed. The three vehicles, registered in the UK, were thoroughly searched. “We only found clothes, food and money”, a Wavre police commissioner said.

Several people were arrested and taken to a police station for administrative checks. “Those arrested appear to part of a humanitarian convoy to Turkey, which has nothing to do with any terrorist threats”, assured a Wavre commissioner.

(Source: Belga)

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