Birdsong to play on Brussels train platforms

Birdsong to play on Brussels train platforms
Brussels Central station, a main arrivals point for commuters to the capital © Fabian318/Wikimedia

As part of the 'Week of Sound' (Semaine du Sound), music on the platforms of SNCB rail stations in Brussels will be replaced by birdsong, Le Soir reports.

The project, called "Early Voices", was conceived by artist Joost Van Duppen, who recorded "the song of birds at dawn deep in the Sonian Forest", southeast of Brussels.

Every two hours, music on the station platforms will be replaced by the sound of birds. These sounds come from the heart of the forest, mostly made by migrating birds.

The Week of Sound is an initiative run by UNESCO, which takes place each year in January.

According to the organisers, the week aims to to educate the public and raise awareness among all actors in society about the importance of the quality of our sound environment."

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The idea mobilises citizens to face challenges such as noise pollution, which UNESCO believes affects most citizens and disturbs the way we interact with eachother.

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