Brussels: new city uniforms professionally designed

Brussels: new city uniforms professionally designed

Brussels aldermen Philippe Close and Geoffroy Coomans de Brachène were at the paving department of the city, on Rue de la Serrure, to present the photo exhibition “The new faces of our City” at midday on Friday. The exhibition highlights the new uniforms to be used by eight different professional trades in the field, which were designed in collaboration with MAD Brussels.

This unique event showcases the work of designers, as the trade uniforms were conceived by professional pair Tony Delcampe and Didier Vervaeren with the help of two young designers from Brussels, Caroline Hiernaux and Mansour Badjoko.

The project fits into the public facelift given to Brussels authorities. The logo has been simplified and “Ville de Bruxelles - Stad van Brussel” replaced with “Brussels”. A sole cream colour is shared by all eight professions. As well as these common features, the specific environment of each sector was taken into account. The style of each uniform was adapted to particular professional needs such as the use of certain tools.

The project was launched when MAD Brussels was created five years ago. The Brussels centre for fashion and design will be moving into its new headquarters on Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, at the heart of the Dansaert neighbourhood, so influential in Belgian fashion, later this year.

(Source: Belga)

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