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    Around 100 Polish people demonstrate for better democracy


    Around 100 Polish people demonstrated on the Schuman roundabout in Brussels at lunchtime on Saturday. They were calling for better democracy in Poland. The protesters say several of the new Conservative Polish government’s reforms threaten civil and political freedoms in the country. The same demonstration will be held in 36 Polish towns as well as Austria, Sweden and Germany on Saturday.

    Over the last few weeks, the Polish government has made a lot of decisions, including some that affect the Constitutional court, which has worried the demonstrators.

    “The court is one of the most important institutions in Poland. It’s the guardian of the Constitution, Polish law and the balance between the different powers”, they said.

    The demonstrators also criticised the increased power given to the police, regarding checking of the internet, post and bills, among others things. Reforms to the penal system have also meant a drastic limit to the defence’s powers. ‘At the same time, the government wants to give the Attorney General position to the Justice Minister, which completely politicizes the Public ministry”.

    On the 13th of January, the European Commission opened a preliminary inquiry into Polish law.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)