Montgomery Tunnel closed: three affected communes agree traffic measures

Montgomery Tunnel closed: three affected communes agree traffic measures

On Friday, the police grouping in the Montgomery police area agreed traffic management measures, following the closure of the Montgomery Tunnel, which runs across three communes in the east of Brussels. When mentioned in a meeting on Thursday, the suggestion to close of one of the roundabout accesses was blocked. The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Etterbeek Vincent De Wolf, with the Mayor of Woluwe Saint-Lambert, Olivier Maingain, and the Mayor of Woluwe Saint-Pierre, Benoît Cerexhe, as well as the Principal Private Secretary of the Brussels Ministry for Mobility, Pascal Smet, present.

“Traffic counts in the region on Thursday established, at the end of the day, that it would be inconvenient to segment traffic on Montgomery Square, so as not affect the significant traffic flow coming from and going to Avenue de Brocqueville,” the Hôtel Communal d'Etterbeek (Etterbeek Communal Council) indicated after this meeting.

On the other hand, traffic lights located at the top of the Rue des Bollandistes and Avenue Henri Dietrich will be set to the warning phase and push-button pedestrian crossings will no longer have priority.

Even on the roundabout, traffic markers to separate traffic will be available so as to allow for acceleration at each roundabout entry and thus to improve the traffic flow on the roads.

It was also agreed that on Friday the three mayors would get a police order for the tunnel closure and ask the Brussels-Capital Region to urgently furnish them with a structural report precisely describing the nature of the problems noted, necessary works, how long they will take to complete as well as the total road area which will need to be made secure.

(Source: Belga)

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