Forest area shooting: Belkaïd may have volunteered to commit suicide bombing

Forest area shooting: Belkaïd may have volunteered to commit suicide bombing

Mohammed Belkaïd, the Algerian who was killed during the police operation in the Forest area of Brussels on Tuesday, was possibly a member of the self-styled Islamic state terrorist organisation and may have volunteered to carry out a suicide bombing.
So reported VRT (the national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish region) on Thursday. The station had the privilege of reviewing a report included within documents disclosing the names of thousands of Islamic State (IS) recruits disclosed to the press by a former IS member. These reports contained 23 questions ranging from the individual's address to their dream role within the group.

After the attack, a Kalachnikov, a book on Salafism and an Islamic State (IS) flag were found by Mohammed Belkaïd's body.

He was therefore suspected of having deals with IS, but some confusion has continued to prevail as a security service report mentioned the 9th June 1980 as his date of birth, in place of 9th July. It may simply be an administrative error.

The VRT was able to have sight of the report of the individual concerned which had been circulating for several days in the media. The report confirms that Mr Belkaïd has worked alongside IS since April 19th, 2014, and that he fought in Syria, under the combat name of Abu Abdel Azziz al-Jazayri (an Algerian name).

This document further states that not only was Mr Belkaïd a member of the jihadist group but that be may have volunteered to be a suicide bomber.

(Source: Belga)

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