Brussels attacks: The man with the hat not yet identified

Brussels attacks: The man with the hat not yet identified

Federal police has received 51 alerts on the person who appears together with the two suicide bombers at Brussels airport. However, a police spokesperson said on Tuesday (29 March) that “the man with the hat” has not yet been identified.

The police released yesterday surveillance footage showing the suspect with the suicide bombers pushing a luggage cart. In the image he seems to be wearing classes, a white jacket and a dark hat. The explosives in his cart were the most powerful of all but did not detonate and were deactivated by a bomb squad.

According to media reports the previously suspected person, Faycal C., a journalist, had been mistakenly identified by the taxi driver who drove the three terrorists to the airport. He was released on Monday since “the evidence that had led to his arrest was not confirmed by the evolution of the ongoing investigation”, according to the police spokesperson.

Before waiting for confirmation some Belgian officials and politicians had spoken openly about him as the wanted terrorist.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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