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Tests at Brussels airport to resume passenger flights

For two days tests are taking place at the airport. Full-scale tests took place took place yesterday (29 March). Some 800 airport employees tested temporary procedures concerning registration, check-in, luggage checks, assess for disabled people etc.

Today employees and concerned companies at the airport (technicians, luggage handlers, airline companies, security staff, federal police, the national air traffic authority) met to discuss the various elements in order “not to leave any room for improvisation”.

“All aspects of passenger travel are analyzed in great detail,” said Florence Muls, the spokesperson for Brussels airport, to Belga news agency.

If the results will prove conclusive, the resumption of operations at 20% of capacity could be envisaged, announced yesterday the CEO of Brussels airport. The results of the tests have not yet been disclosed.

“It’s pure speculation to suggest that the tests weren’t conclusive,” commented the spokesperson of Brussels airport. “Everything went well yesterday but we don’t want to take any risks, neither in terms of the safety of passengers and staff nor in their comfort,” she added.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)