Police arrests extreme right members in Molenbeek

Police arrests extreme right members in Molenbeek

Two members from an extreme right group have been arrested in Molenbeek on Saturday afternoon, announced Johan Berckmans, spokes-person for the Brussels west police station. The militants possessed pepper spray and were arrested while they were sitting inside their vehicle, says Johan Berckmans.

Another five extreme right militants were also arrested close to the canal. They were heading towards the Bourse where a gathering of anti-racists assembled upon news that extreme right groups wanted to come and demonstrate in Molenbeek.

The extreme right group “Generation identity” had called for a manifestation on the Place Communcal square in Molenbeek. The manifestation was cancelled when Molenbeek Mayor Françoise Schepmans called for police to prohibit all major gatherings in the commune.

Brussels region Minister President, Rudi Vervoort also intervened to prohibit any kind of manifestation linked to the extreme right group in all of Brussels region. 

(Source: Belga)

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