Over 20 kilograms of cannabis found in a building in Brussels

Over 20 kilograms of cannabis found in a building in Brussels
Credit: Belga/Jonas Roosens

The Brussels-Capital/Ixelles police seized 24 kilograms of cannabis and around 16,000 tablets of ecstasy on Saturday in a property on Rue du Craetveld in the Brussels municipality of Neder-over-Heembeek, the police announced on Tuesday. Two people have been arrested.

The Brussels-Capital police suspected that the sale of drugs was taking place at the address, which was subsequently placed under police surveillance. On Saturday, a police patrol saw a car stop near the building. The passenger of the vehicle entered the building before returning to the vehicle shortly afterwards.

Police officers decided to stop the vehicle and the passenger admitted to purchasing 25 grams of marijuana. The driver and the passenger were subsequently detained. A short while later, another vehicle pulled up to the address and the driver was arrested for purchasing the same quantity of marijuana.

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The authorities were able to ascertain which apartment within the building was being used to sell drugs and a search was consequently carried out at the address. The huge haul of marijuana and ecstasy pills was then discovered, as well as nearly €8,000 in cash and a banknote counter.

Two people were found in the apartment, but they were not registered tenants of the address. Both suspects were arrested and are being questioned by the police.

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