Brussels Stock Exchange – Black Friday for Bel20

Brussels Stock Exchange – Black Friday for Bel20

Friday ended with Bel20 down 6.4%, at 3.274.19 points. It’s the biggest drop in a single day since the 16th of October 2008, which was during the economic crisis.

All the key indicators for the Brussels Stock Exchange dropped on Friday. ING and KBC were hit the hardest, with respective losses of 14.94% and 13.88%.

All the European financial markets were hit by Brexit. Amsterdam fell by 5.7%, Paris and Frankfort fell by 8%, Milan and Madrid fell by 12%, and London fell by 3.2%.

Banks were the most severely affected everywhere in Europe, especially in London. Lloyds Banking Group fell by 21%, RBS fell by 18% and Barclays fell by 17.7%. 

(Source: Belga)

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