Two of three construction companies commit fraud

Widespread fraud in posting of workers Le Soir reported on Monday (11 July) that 65 % of the construction companies controlled in Belgium in 2015 had violated the rules concerning posting of workers. Among self-employed the percentage was almost 50 %.

A posted worker is an employee who is sent by his employer to carry out work in another EU member state.

“The vast majority of frauds are related to the A1 form,” said the office of the minister in charge of the fight against social fraud, Philippe De Backer (Open VLD).

This form is used for the posting of workers in Europe to ensure that social security contributions are paid in their home country. “These approvals are distributed like sweets by some countries. Currently, it is very difficult to check whether social contributions of workers posted in Belgium are actually paid,” the minister explains.

“The rapid destruction of Belgian construction jobs is enormous. Now, we are one of the biggest sectors in terms of employment. Each year we contribute almost nearly 21 billion euros or 11% of state revenues, “says Robert Mûelenaere, managing director of the Construction Confederation.

He says that 19 000 jobs have been lost since 2012 and that 45 000 are threatened.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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