Americans abroad could tilt the balance in the US election

Americans abroad could tilt the balance in the US election

Over 2.5 million eligible voters living abroad could make a critical difference in battleground states, as they rush to get in their ballots ahead of the deadline. With the US election just five days away, Americans in Belgium and other countries are hurrying to send in their ballots before the polls close. The US allows its citizens to vote differently from other countries and no matter how long they have lived abroad, the can still vote. Depending on the state in which they vote, Americans can send their ballots by express mail or fax up to November 8th, the date of the election. Their votes will help decide not only the Clinton vs. Trump battle, but also many tight races for the Senate and House of Representatives.

Americans abroad make up a formidable voting block and would be the 13th largest state if they were counted together. It is worth remembering that George W. Bush was ruled the winner of the Florida election by only 537 votes in the election that took place in 2000.

As Americans go to the polls on November 8th, an Election Night party is organized in Brussels by The American Club of Brussels and The Bulletin. And it’s not just Americans who will be watching the results - tickets to the event at the Marriott Grand Place Brussels quickly sold out, as demand was strong for the party where live music, debates, discussions, and streaming commentary from the US will keep voters and spectators entertained throughout the night.

The organization Democrats Abroad Belgium will also hold a morning-after Election Results Breakfast event on November 9th from 7 to 11a.m., at the Marriott. Journalists, DAB members, and others can sign up for this free event here. 

For more information, contact Pauline Manos, Chair - Democrats Abroad Belgium, at or at +32-497-591-897. 

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