Ayoub Bazarouj claims compensation for damage caused during searches
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    Ayoub Bazarouj claims compensation for damage caused during searches

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    Ayoub Bazarouj is pursuing his damages claim.
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    A complaint is due to be filed against the Belgian state, claiming 20,000 euros in compensation for damage occasioned, during searches at the end of 2015, to the home of Ayoub Bazarouj. His lawyer is indicating this both in Le Soir and the Sudpresse publications today (Friday).

    Federal police response units led searches twice at Mr Bazarouj’s home at Rue Delaunoy in Molenbeek, as part of their investigations into Salah Abdeslam after the Paris attacks.

    These interventions proved to be futile.

    His barrister, Me Yannick De Vlaeminck, explained in respect of the damage caused, “The damage remained visible from the outside: my client has no money to carry out repairs.”

    De Vlaeminck went on, “The Belgian state has an obligation to repair the damage caused, but as the coffers are empty, it is not doing so.”

    He concluded, “Lets see whether this formal demand provokes a reaction.”

    The FPS Justice acknowledges this obligation but observes that “if the individual is subject to a guilty verdict or if there is a case against him, there is no reason to pay compensation.”

    The point, therefore, is that despite a lack of evidence regarding his involvement in the Paris attacks or the escape of Salah Abdeslam, Mr Bazarouj is still nonetheless charged with participating in a terrorist organisation.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brusssels Times