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More than 7 million speed tests in one month for Brussels

The Brussels regional police performed more than 7.5 million speed tests during their region-wide campaign to get people to slow down. The campaign took place between the 23rd of September and the 23rd of October. The State Secretary for Road Safety Bianca Debaerts mentioned it in a press release on Saturday. In total, 23,520 people were driving too fast (0.27% of the drivers checked).

The Brussels-Ixelles police zone alone did 2.5 million tests on the roads in its area, and caught 6,746 drivers speeding (0.26%). Across all the police zones, 47 people had their driving licence taken away on the spot.

“These figures prove that there are a large number of checks during our campaigns, which is essential. It has been proved that this type of campaign is more effective when accompanied by repressive measures”, the Brussels State Secretary said. “Road Safety is one of the priorities for our police zones”.

The next Road Safety campaign in the Brussels region will be the winter BOB campaign during the end of year festivities.

(Source: Belga)