Official residence of Flemish Minister-President Jambon smeared with human excrement

Official residence of Flemish Minister-President Jambon smeared with human excrement
Credit: Belga

The Errera House, the official residence of Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon at the Parc de Bruxelles in the capital's city centre, has been smeared with human excrement.

On Thursday evening, the building was smeared with human excrement on several spots on the façade; a bag with more excrement was found nearby, Het Nieuwsblad reported and the Brussels local police confirmed.

"We were called at around 16:15 and immediately went to the scene to make the necessary determinations," Ilse Van de keere, spokesperson for the Brussels-Capital/Ixelles police zone told Belga News Agency. "An official report has been drawn up for vandalism, and the investigation is ongoing to figure out who is responsible for this."

The Errera House in Brussels is the official residence of the Minister-President of Flanders – currently, Jambon of the separatist, rightwing N-VA party – and is often used for official receptions and occasions of the Flemish government.

New Flemish Alliance (N-VA)

The New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) is a Flemish nationalist and conservative political party. The N-VA has become the largest party of Flanders as well as Belgium as a whole, even though it is excluded from the current Federal Government. The party strives for independence and advocates for free-market economics and immediate tax reductions to stimulate the economy.

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