Woman suspected of wearing explosive vest on the run from Brussels police

Woman suspected of wearing explosive vest on the run from Brussels police
Illustration image. Credit: Belga

Police are actively searching for a woman thought to be wearing a device that appeared visually similar to a suicide vest, Sudinfo reports. The suspect has dark curly hair and is wearing black jeans, ankle boots, and a black jacket.

According to initial information, the woman walked into a police station on Rue de Brabant in Brussels in the morning wearing a black jacket with a white bulletproof vest underneath. Police saw black electrical wires sticking out of the vest, causing concern that the woman may be wearing an explosive vest.

The woman quickly fled the police station before she could be apprehended by police officers. The police station has remained closed.

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“A female person entered the reception of a police station on rue de Brabant around 09:00. She behaved suspiciously. The investigation is ongoing. The analysis of CCTV footage is in progress,” the Brussels North police zone told Sudinfo.

The Federal Police state that a sweep, conducted with explosive-sniffing dogs, was conducted at the nearby Gare du Midi at around 10:00 and no traces of explosives were found. The Brussels North police zone said that this search was unrelated to the incident on Rue de Brabant.

The police spokesperson could not confirm reports by Sudinfo and Het Nieuwsblad that the woman may have been wearing an explosive vest or visible electrical wires.

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