Brussels Metro lines 2 and 6 equipped with new modern carriages

Brussels Metro lines 2 and 6 equipped with new modern carriages
Brussels Metro. Credit: The Brussels Times

Brussels public transport company STIB is rolling out more modern metro carriages on lines 2 and 6, providing travellers on these lines with more comfort and additional capacity.

From today, STIB is rolling out "boa" metros on lines 2 and 6 – the more modern carriages that travellers usually see on the busier 1 and 5 metro lines.

"As more new M7 metro carriages are being delivered, this was a step that has been coming for a little while," An Van hamme, spokesperson for STIB, told The Brussels Times.

The new M7s will first be deployed on metros 1 and 5, as they are the busiest lines. "As we are getting more of those M7s, we can also put the newer, more modern carriages – which so far only ran on lines 1 and 5 – to use on the 2 and 6 lines," she said.

From today, two of the more modern metros are being deployed on lines 2 and 6 and the company will gradually increase the capacity to offer more places and more comfort to travellers.

"The newer metros will be operated on top of the ones already in service as we are increasing our capacity and seats," Van hamme said, adding that the older carriages are not being taken out of service anytime soon.

Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt called it an "important day' for STIB lines 2 and 6, as the new vehicles will result in "more comfort and more capacity."

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