Man intervenes to break up fake fight on set of student film

Man intervenes to break up fake fight on set of student film
Credit: KameraOne

There is still some good in the world. To the amusement of a student camera crew and actors, a good Samaritan sprinted to the aid of a man appearing to be attacked by a person in front of Brussels' Dansaert bus stop. Little did he know, it was all a façade.

The supposed fight was part of a film being recorded by students from the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS). The director of the project is student Kas Christiaens, a former winner of National Geographic’s junior photographer award.

Both individuals involved in the scuffle were actors with no intention of doing any harm to the other. But one brave Brussels resident saw the skirmish and rushed to the aid of the presumed victim.

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After being told that he had inadvertently wandered onto a film set, the filming cast broke into laughter. The incident was captured by a spectator, who filmed the amusing scene on his smartphone.

The full amusing video can be watched here.

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