Speed limit in Leopold II tunnel “surrealist”

Speed limit in Leopold II tunnel  “surrealist”
Touring begs the question as to why a speed limit is necessary in the Léopold II tunnel.© Belga

The transport organisation, Touring is saying today (Wednesday) that lowering the speed limit from 70 to 50 kilometres per hour, in the Brussels Leopold II tunnel, is “totally illogical and surrealist.” Touring laments in a communiqué, “This will only create frustration and aggression. This will lead, in the end, to hazardous behaviour.”

The organisation denounces, “We have always maintained that the institution of a logical speed limit (70 kilometres per hour) should be linked to effective monitoring.”

It goes on, “This has never been the case with the Leopold II tunnel.”

Touring also says that the reduction and the new monitoring system will only serve to “return the maximum amount of fines to state coffers.”

It states, “Carjackers nowadays drive at speeds well above 70 kilometres per hour. We are therefore punishing a substantial majority, who are in fact complying anyway with a measure aimed at a small minority of road users.”

Touring is not opposed to road monitoring of any kind. Quite the contrary. However, the organisation is insisting that limits are adapted both to the given circumstances and road improvement.

Touring goes on, “In the Léopold II tunnel, there are no traffic situations which might be considered as conflicting, and no possibility of crossing or turning left.”

It also says, “There are neither pedestrians nor cyclists. There are also two traffic lanes in each direction, separated by a wall. Where is the problem?”

According to the organisation, which has carried out a test on similar regional routes, where speed is limited to 50 kilometres per hour, statistically only three out of ten drivers might find themselves committing an offence.

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