MIXITY awards reward six Brussels initiatives

Yesterday evening (Tuesday) the MIXITY Awards rewarded, during an awards ceremony organised at the Galerie Horta in Brussels by Visit.Brussels, six Brussels initiatives. These were perceived as contributing to the influence of Brussels as a cosmopolitan and open region.

Initially, a total of 200 projects were submitted. Of these, 40 were shortlisted and then 12 nominated. The jury was made up of representatives from Brussels associations. Some 7,000 Internet votes were allowed to award two “people’s choice awards”.

The winner in the category Mixity Tof Event Small Associations was the Ethno-Trend Fashion Week Brussels. This was the first Brussels fashion week to place the emphasis upon cultural and ethnic diversity of models, artists, designers and fashion creations.

The prize Mixity Tof Event Medium and Big Associations went to the third sector organisation Zinneke. This organisation is responsible for coordinating socio-artistic projects, including the Zinneke parade. Zinneke also scooped the “people’s choice award” Mixity Tof Event.

MEDEX won the category Mixity Best Practice Small Associations. This is the temporary exile museum which is showing, in various locations, migrant journeys through the arts.

The prize for Mixity Best Practice Medium and Big Associations was awarded to Cultureghem – Cultureghem Cultivating Urban Space. This is an association which gathers people for their everyday leisure and eating needs.

The second “people’s choice award” Mixity Best Practice went to Friendship without Borders (known as “ASF”). This is a group of citizens that has organised breakfast every Friday morning outside the Immigration Office. The organisation has done so since the advent of the asylum seeker reception crisis in the summer of 2015.

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