The anti-Trump demonstration is advancing on Brussels streets

The anti-Trump demonstration is advancing on Brussels streets
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Thousands of people are advancing on Brussels streets Wednesday evening, crying out that “Trump is not welcome”. The event is of course organised to coincide with Donald Trump’s visit to Brussels where he will be attending a NATO summit. The protesters are also opposing the NATO alliance’s arms race. Thousands of pink “pussy hats” are being worn by the demonstrators. “We want to express our support to American feminists who oppose Donald Trump’s sexist and racist sympathies, declared one of the protestors. “We are also here to show our contempt for the millions of euros spent to welcome such a disrespectful head of state”.


About 70 associations support the protest march, including The Coalition against Climate Change and Amnesty International. Amnesty Belgium says that it is clear that Donald Trump’s discriminatory policies are a threat to human rights.

The Belgian Federal government was also the target of many of the protestors. One representative from the association helping non-documented immigrants exclaimed that “nothing differentiates The Belgian government’s policies from Donald Trump’s. “The government is fighting the poor, instead of fighting poverty”. Giant puppets portraying the American President Donald Trump and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel are carried along the demonstration. At the end of the demonstration, several music concerts will be played at Brussels North station.

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