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    Brussels youth unemployment down for four consecutive years

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    The Brussels region now has 8,853 young jobseekers. Actiris sees this figure as a good result saying that we have to go as far back as May 1991 to find a month when the region had a lower number of jobseekers (then 8,849).
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    The Brussels-Capital region had a total of 91,448 job seekers at the end of May. This amounts to a rate of unemployment of 16.4%. The regional employment office, Actiris, indicated this today (Friday). Youth unemployment, which has continuously decreased for four years, has now reached a rate of 22.4%.

    This is the 31st successive decrease in unemployment. Actitis states that this is a decrease of 4,247 individuals compared to 2016 (-4.4%) and 9,590 individuals compared to 2015 (-9.5%).

    The Brussels region henceforth has 8,853 young jobseekers, or 970 less than last year (-9.9%). Actiris is pleased with this figure, saying that only as far back as May 1991 did the region have a lower number of young jobseekers (then 8,849).

    Moreover the regional office has received a total of 15,054 new employment opportunities in May. Of these 4,633 concerned roles in the Brussels region. There were 2,922 job opportunities directly received by the regional office and some 1,672 of these have now been filled.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times