Prison escapee arrested for mugging two women in Ganshoren

Prison escapee arrested for mugging two women in Ganshoren
Credit: Belga / Kurt Desplenter

The Brussels-West police zone arrested a man suspected of several muggings committed against the elderly in the Brussels municipality of Ganshoren on Wednesday. The suspect had recently failed to return to Ittre prison after being released on leave on 17 February.

“Two violent robberies were committed against two ladies, aged 74 and 52, on 21 March, in the territory of Ganshoren,” the Brussels-West police zone announced on Monday. “Each time, the same modus operandi was used by the suspect. He travelled around on a scooter, asked the victims for the way to the pool, and then threatened them with a steak knife.”

The Brussels-West police zone reinforced its patrols in Ganshoren to help protect the community from the suspect.

“He demanded for them to give him their belongings, then took off on his scooter with his loot. The victims remained in shock but were able to give a good description of the suspect,” a police spokesperson added.

The suspect was later spotted in the municipality and arrested by police. The thief had a steak knife in his possession upon his arrest.

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“The person concerned immediately confessed to having fled Ittre prison on 17 February. He also spontaneously admitted to have committed the thefts. The suspect, aged 32, was questioned by our officers and he was formally recognised by the victims,” the police noted.

The suspect was brought before the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, charged and place under arrest by an investigating judge.

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