Terrorist threat: Saouti brothers kept in detention

Terrorist threat: Saouti brothers kept in detention

The brothers Khalid (40) and Akim (37) Saouti have been kept in detention for a further month by the Brussels court in chambers. This was stated by the Federal Prosecutor's Office. The brothers had been placed under arrest last week, suspected of planning terrorist attacks. Their lawyers had not requested that they be set free.

Both Saouti brothers, of Belgian nationality, were accused of participating in terrorist group activities. They had been placed under arrest following an operation led last Wednesday in Anderlecht by Belgian and French investigators, so as to dismantle a terrorist cell suspected of preparing a fresh attack.

Both brothers had recently been found by the anti-terrorist cell of the Brussels Federal Police. The two men appeared to have been radicalised and the investigation may well already have determined whether they were planning an attack involving other suspects. For the moment, investigators are ignoring where and when this attack took place, and it seems that a definite target has not been determined.

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