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Paris and Brussels attacks terrorists hid weapons in school

A map within Salah Abdeslam’s computer led the investigators to the school site.

The terrorists behind the Paris and Brussels attacks probably stored their weapons on a Limburg school premises. This emerges in a note from the State Security Services which Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen had sight in readiness for their Friday editions.

A map within Salah Abdeslam’s computer led the investigators to the site. The map, disclosed by the investigators, was drawn by hand. It shows the buildings of a pre-school and primary school in Meulenberg, a district in Houthalen-Helchteren, also known as the “Molenbeek of Limburg.”

However, on Saturday June 11th, 2016, the police led an investigation, but uncovered nothing about the matter.

This note also stresses than the former caretaker of the sports hall, located next to the school, had links to the terrorists and specifically, Mohamed Abrini, “the Man in the Hat”. We know that the latter fled the attacks at Zaventem. Meanwhile, the caretaker may have died in Syria where he left to rejoin the ranks of IS.

All of the evidence from the investigation has enabled the conclusion that the school building may have been used to store weapons. Instructions led investigators to a garage on the school premises. They did not find any weapons, but indeed the trail of a robbery. This is taken to suggest that the weapons were moved and hidden elsewhere before the attacks, as the note from the State Security Services indicated.

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