A man shot in front of the Beekkant station in Molenbeek

A man shot in front of the Beekkant station in Molenbeek

A man was shot in front of the Beekkant metro station in Molenbeek on Saturday evening. West Brussels police have confirmed the individual later died from his injuries. The exact circumstances behind the death are not yet known, but Sudpresse and Le Soir talked about a revenge shooting on Saturday evening.

Molenbeek mayor Françoise Schepmans told Sudpresse that a man “was shot in the head by another man”. The paper printed this quote, while adding that the two individuals were linked to drugs trafficking.

Belga contacted the local police, who were unable to confirm that it was a revenge attack. “For the moment, I can only confirm that a man was shot dead in front of the Beekkant metro station”, said a spokesman for West Brussels police.

Stib announced that the Beekkant metro station would be shut at the police’s request a little after 10pm, probably for “quite some time”.  The Brussels Public transport company then announced the station had been completely shut down on Twitter at 10.30pm, also at the police’s request. A safety perimeter was set up and the Brussels Prosecutor’s office laboratory went to the scene to examine the body and the scene of the crime.   

(Source: Belga)

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