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Opening of “Brussels Days” in Berlin

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Germany's importance as a commercial partner for Brussels should not be underestimated.
© Belga

A Brussels delegation of 20 tourist operators and sixteen companies arrived at the start of Sunday evening in Berlin.
It was led by the Minister-President, Rudi Vervoort (PS), the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Cécile Jodogne (DéFI), and the Minister for the Promotion of Brussels, Rachid Madrane (PS). The purpose: during a three-day trip, to promote the benefits of the Belgian capital, as part of the 12th “Brussels Days” event.

Apart from the momentous 25-year anniversary of the cooperation agreement which unites the German capital and the capital of Europe, the economic stakes of this trip are high.

Germany is an important commercial partner for Brussels. The Federal Republic of Germany was the second largest customer of the Brussels region last year. Brussels sent 16.6% of its exports to Germany – a volume of €997 million.

Within the tourism sector, which provides more than 30,000 direct jobs to Brussels, Germany was the third largest market for hotel accommodation for the first six months of the current year in the Brussels region. It was below Belgium and France respectively. Some 58% of accommodation used by those from Germany comprised business people.

Organised every year in a different city by the local organisations Brussels International, Brussels Invest&Export and Visit.Brussels, the “Brussels Days” event aims to strengthen the position of the region on the international stage, to increase the value of its economy, and showcase its cultural wealth and way of life.

The mission will specifically focus upon tourism, culture and urban planning.

It will also focus upon creative industries. Within this context, around ten Brussels businesses from the audiovisual sector are present, to attempt to pave the way for co-production with counterparts within the German capital.

The delegation arrived at Berlin Brandenburg Airport aboard the Brussels Airlines Airbus A-320 “Rackham” – a symbol of one of Belgium’s contributions to European heritage since its conception. The aircraft was decorated with scenes from the Tintin and Milou cartoon books. The CEO of the airport did not fail to notice this upon coming to meet the delegation.

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