Commentary and reviews of “True Stories from Red Albania” by Brussels-based veteran diplomat Jorgji Kote

Commentary and reviews of “True Stories from Red Albania” by Brussels-based veteran diplomat Jorgji Kote

Mrs. Nadia Ernzer, Ambassador of Luxembourg for Albania:

“The author has an elegant and interesting way of writing, it is a real pleasure to travel back in time and know the Albania’s recent past”.

Serge Derycke, Counselor, Federal Parliament in Brussels:

“This book reads like a black fairy tale with a happy ending: democracy at the beginning of the Nineties of the XX Century".

Red Albania intended to create the new man: not a superman with its own will to power, but a man who would sacrifice his life for the community.  

Jorgji Kote, who as a diplomat has lived both in his country of birth and outside spends a great deal writing about Albanian diaspora. Albanians have shown that they are able to thrive in other societies and realize their dreams despite the nightmare they or their family have lived in.      

Daniel Wiame, Brussels:

“To understand this book and its stories, one should go back to Albania’s history, its people and struggle for freedom and have some basic knowledge's of what ''communism'' can badly bring to humans".

The chapters are well arranged in their proper place. Accompanying them with short true stories has also made it possible to expand the book into a series of comic situations. The text is pleasant and once you start reading it, the curiosity to see what comes next pushes you to go to the end.

Prof. Dr. Rozita Dimova, University Ghent:

“I have rarely seen such a book describing the everyday life under communism, which we need so much to show it to the students”.

Ms. Era Hajdari - A young Albanian in Antwerp:

“It is fascinating to read this book. It conveys nostalgia for a bygone time, as if you have gone through it by yourself. Often, it makes a subtle contrast with today’s life, not only in material, but also in spiritual terms….a changing world with the author’s narrative as a bridge.”

Eshref Ymeri, a prominent Albanian Professor of foreign languages:

"The writing style is impressive and the language sweet; the words are "carved" with caution and events described with an astounding genuineness".

Compiled by Tibina Shanaj
Student at the ULB in Brussels

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