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    STIB transported 401 million travellers in 2017

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, STIB, registered a total of 401 million travellers on its network in 2017, over 8% more than in the previous year. Last year’s tally was a new record and the strongest annual increase since 2003, the STIB disclosed in a press release on Friday.

    The company said the number of users had increased by more than 44% in 10 years, going from 277 million in 2007 to 401 million last year. The only exception to the constant annual progression was 2016, and this was due to the 22 March attacks and the terrorist context.

    The STIB attributes the general increase in the use of its network to its efforts to improve the quality of the service and its investment in mobility, aimed at making public transport more attractive, with greater comfort, safety and frequency.

    The greatest increase was in the sale of student season tickets, which went up by 20% in one year, probably because tariffs were lowered in 2016.

    Traffic jams in the capital also made many drivers switch to other means of transport, the STIB noted.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times