Deliveroo: occupation of Brussels head office proceeds

Deliveroo: occupation of Brussels head office proceeds
The CNE and the UBT are wanting the Deliveroo management to back down from their current stance.

The interested trade unions are indicating that occupation of the Brussels Deliveroo head office, which the couriers collective began on Wednesday afternoon, is continuing this morning. The collective trade union wishes to meet the management to discuss the employed status of workers, who do not wish to be self-employed, but would like the guarantee of an hourly minimum wage.

The CNE confirms, “Management has sent nobody for this discussion up to now, and wishes to take legal action to remove the current demonstration from its head office. For now, management has not obtained legal authority via summary judgement to be able to do so.” The Christian trade union added, “The occupation has therefore taken place as planned, and numerous couriers are alternating in either supporting the cause at a given time, or seeking information as to the present situation.”

It went further stating that this Thursday afternoon, a delegation of couriers will ask the Minister for Employment, Kris Peeters, why the investigation into this matter which he has promised has not yet materialised.

The UBT (the Belgian transport union), part of the FGTB, is flagging up, “Time is pressing! We are calling upon Minister Peeters to accelerate his investigation, as on February 1st (next Thursday) couriers are due to become self-employed (or alternatively cease work altogether). The consequence of the move is the assumption of all risks by couriers pertaining to their work - a policy which is definitely unacceptable for us.”

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