The first phase of the renovation of the Reyers tunnels begins

The tunnel that links the E40 to Meiser in Brussel will be shut for three months. The ceiling needs renovation. The structure of the ceilings in three other tunnels linking the E40 to Meiser and Montgomery will be also totally renovated in 2018. The work, which will be done in phases, should last a year. 

The tunnel linking the E40 to Montgomery has been from Saturday through to March. The tunnel linking the E40 to Meiser will not be shut at the same time. It will be shut from the end of March to May and then again in July and August.

The link between Meiser and Montgomery will be maintained as much as possible via 2 stretches of 2 lanes, instead of 2 stretches of one lane like now. Diversion plans have been put in place.

Travellers are advised to use alternative routes from the Ring-road. These will be indicated on electronic live road-signs showing the quickest route in real time. These alternative routes will go through the boulevard Léopold III, the E411 and A12.

The tunnel linking the motorway and Montgomery will be closed to three phases: in March and April, June and July and again in October and November. The last tunnel, between Montgomery and the E40, will also be out of use in March and April and again in July and August.

The ceilings of the tunnels between the Liège motorway and the different link roads in the city will have to be demolished and reconstructed. The Reyers tunnels to the centre and Belliard will not be shut. The four tunnels will never be shut at the same time during the renovation. Once a tunnel is renovated, it will be operational 24 hours a day. Work will be from 7am to 8pm.

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