Carles Puigdemont intends to take oath on 18 February in Brussels

Carles Puigdemont intends to take oath on 18 February in Brussels

The deposed Minister-President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont hopes to take oath on 18 February in Brussels. Taking the oath before the Catalonian parliament should then follow on 21 or 22 February, but an alternative should then be found, stated Wednesday Catalonian media.

Mr. Puigdemont therefore pleads for two governments: one in exile, and the other in Barcelona. He proposes the setting up of a “Council of the Republic,” led by himself, and the installation of which would take place on 18 February, on the occasion of a meeting of elected civil servants during a ceremony organized in Brussels.

Mr. Puigdemont also contemplates an investiture to be held a few days later in the Catalonian Parliament in Barcelona. As he is well aware that this will not be simple (he will be arrested as soon as he sets foot on Spanish soil, editor’s note), he proposes to designate an elected member of his party JxCat to stand in for him. The identity of this “replacement” has not been released.

According to an in-house document of the extreme leftist pro-independence party CUP which the daily La Vanguardia was able to examine, it would seem necessary to include on the agenda of the regional government presidency a modification of the law that would allow Carles Puigdemont to take the oath at a distance.

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