Mohamed Abdeslam denies any involvement in theft in Molenbeek

Mohamed Abdeslam denies any involvement in theft in Molenbeek
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The lawyers of Mohamed Abdeslam and a second suspect, prosecuted for an armed robbery against employees in the municipality of Molenbeek, claimed Wednesday in the court that their clients should be released. Both men deny any involvement in the robbery. The Brussels court decided to prolong their custody. On 23 January, three Molenbeek employees were attacked while preparing to deposit some 70,000 euros in a bank. An individual armed with a knife took the money and fled.

On Thursday, four men were arrested, and two of whom were placed in custody. One of them is Mohamed Abdeslam, brother of the main suspect of the terrorist attacks on 13 November, 2015 in Paris. He had worked for the municipality for about ten years and was aware of money transfers.

“My client denies any involvement, and it has not yet been determined what role he would have played in the case,” said Nathalie Gallant, his laywer. “He says he did not commit the robbery and did not instigate anyone to commit it. He only admits that he inadvertently spoke too much a few years ago, but any person who worked for the commune could have done it. “

The second suspect also denies any participation.” Mohamed Abdeslam claimes that my client confessed to having perpetrated the flight, but it’s absolutely false,” said his lawyer Xavier Carrette. “He has never worked for the commune, has no information about money transports and has no criminal record.”

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