Veviba meat scandal: “We feel unjustly tarnished”

Veviba meat scandal: “We feel unjustly tarnished”
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The federal agency for food safety (Afsca) is under fire from critics in connection with the meat scandal at Veviba. “We are in crisis in face of the attacks,” says an employee at the agency according to Le Soir on Wednesday. “Staff feels unjustly tarnished.”

The source in Afsca denies any ​​slowness or a lack of proactivity on part of the agency. He emphasizes in particular that once an examining judge is involved, “it’s up to the judge to decide on all aspects of the file”.

“We are happy with the job done,” says the official, who adds that “there are cases that take much more time to investigate”.

Staff at Afsca feels frustrated when a file doesn’t seem to be treated with priority by the justice system, he explains. In addition, “there are other cases that actually pose much greater risks than Veviba to public health, but they involve smaller operators”.

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